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What is a trend?

A trend, when referring to interior design, is something timeless – it has movement through time, an ebb and a flow. The very idea of timeless means, it never truly goes out of style; it may change subtly, but itโ€™s root/core will not change.

Examples of timeless trends are:

Black and white

We all know each year colours come and go, they constantly change…..the royal blues, the caliente reds, the forest greens, they are all stunning in their own right ……but it is BLACK AND WHITE that remains year after year. It has elegance in its contrast and is classic in its simplicity.

Calming Bedrooms

Calming bedrooms…..are here to stay!!!! With soft blue – grey tones on the walls, tufted linen headboards, cream & soft white accents. These elements create soothing sanctuaries in a world where busy is the only thing we know.

Vintage finds

There should be a vintage find in every home/room. Distressed and worn pieces also work they give a collected look to any space in which appear. Again we love vintage finds as they add touch of timeless elegance.


Marble without feeling a sense of romance and elegance, is impossible!!!

It has a timeless wow factor that makes it a beautiful trend…… stunning and dramatic marbling ensures its place as a trend that is not going away any time soon.


We have seen plaid dominate the runways, but it has also played a huge part in home trends. It has been a favourite for many design professionals, and can be found being tastefully used on furniture, drapery, wallpaper and pillows. We love how traditional plaid can be…..also how non-traditional it can be.

Gallery Walls

A gallery wall never fails to be eye catching……well almost never!!! It is a great way to use both family phots and original art. What makes it such a trend is; we see it time and time again being slightly reinvented. The use of mixed metal frames, all black frames, all canvas, or painted frames in pastel colours……we change the medium but not the application.


Stripes in all forms are strongly trending for 2018, in part due to the many ways we can manipulate a stripe. Chevron & herringbone……have been a huge part of this stripes trend, in backsplashes, floor tile and in rugs. However, a classic, bold black and white strip mixed with graphic prints is something meant to be……A trend we cannot escape!!!

It is important to remember the difference between a trend and a fad. A trend never goes out of style…..so if you are looking to make a trend item fit in your home we urge you to throw caution to the wind and go for it. Add those stripes, be BOLD….go for the black and white art or pillows……add a vintage find or 2………..and play with those gallery walls!!!!!


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