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orchid and imperfect japanese vases on rustic distressed table

Wabi-Sabi – Life style trends for today …….and tomorrow

When looking at lifestyle trends we see them change through time.  Quite often the trends we see are fleeting and short lived, but we are seeing a change!!!
Wabi-Sabi is an ancient Japanese living ideology that has been leading the way for many, and it is causing a shift in the lives of people all over the globe. It is the ability to see beauty in the flaws, elegance in the rustic, and embrace the imperfection.

For too long we have sought perfection in our homes, our lives, and our life styles…..Wabi-Sabi is changing that. We are allowing ourselves and the things around us to be BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT!!! We are shunning the perfect lives portrayed online and in social media, we are taking back our lives and finding ourselves once again.
The Wabi-Sabi lifestyle calls for living modestly, accepting our own imperfection, and learning to be satisfied with what we have. It’s the polar opposite of our typically stressful, busy lives in which we focus on achieving perfection in everything we do.

Characteristics of Wabi-Sabi can be anything from simplicity to modesty, with an appreciation for natural objects and processes. The focusing is on buying less, embracing the things you currently own or bringing something from nature into your home. Flowers are a key symbol of Wabi-Sabi, to be appreciated even when they begin to wilt and are not at their most perfect.

The Wabi-Sabi lifestyle has become a part of the lives of many people worldwide, it has even become a part of the lives of people such as Jack Dorsey and Jessica Alba.

Wabi-Sabi and home décor – What you can expect to see in a home with a Wabi-Sabi influence is beautiful cracked vases and bowels mended with resin and a touch of gold, silver or platinum. Misshapen or asymmetrical pieces will also be a part of the décor, along with mirrors of vintage glass, old picture frames with chips and cracks, shelves made of vintage wood…..and handmade. The raw…..the organic…….the beauty of IMPERFECTION!!!
Are you looking for new home décor ideas in an old/new kinda way? Maybe you should give Wabi-Sabi a try?

Don’t mistake Wabi-Sabi for wasabi!!!! Hehehehe